Sujit Mukherjee’s interests ranged over several fields. His books on the game of cricket and its history are known to most cricket enthusiasts in India and his other constituency comprises of those interested in the act of translation and its cultural implications. Translation Studies is an academic discipline today. But when he started writing on the subject, not much work had been done in India in this area.

But apart from cricket and translation .there were several other areas in which Sujit Mukherjee published books and papers : he was concerned with the issues involved in the writing of literary history, specially in a multi-lingual country like India ; he did extensive and meticulous research on Anglo-Indian Novel, ie, fiction written against the background of India by Englishmen and women before and after E.M.Forster. He was one of the early batch of Indian scholars to go to an American university to do doctoral studies in literature, the by-product of which was his work in American Studies, an area from which he later turned to concentrate more and more on Indian Literature/s. One of his earliest published papers was on Tagore translation and till the end of his life he remained interested in this, both as an analyst of the phenomenon and as an actual translator.

Sujit Mukherjee grew up in Patna and wherever he lived subsequently - Delhi, Hyderabad or Pune - he continued to remain interested in the past and future of Bihar, as some of his publications indicate. Halfway through his career he gave up teaching to join publishing and he published several papers on publishing in India.

This website tries to bring together his various interests to give a comprehensive profile of Sujit Mukherjee. It is certainly not a complete account because he never kept a systematic record of his publications and was quite averse to publicity. We are not even sure whether he would have approved of the idea of a website. Nevertheless, we will be grateful if those who knew him - as a person or through his writing - help us by adding to the information we have been able collect so far.